Minimilist Sandals

You know it's a good day when you snag 4 pairs of shoes for $26 dollars total. Say what? Yep that's right total, not each.


These  right here were $6.00 each. They are obviously faux leather, which is awesome because no animals were harmed to make my feet look pretty.


I bet your wondering where I got them.......drum roll please! But first let me show you how dope my daughters shoes are too. Hers were $5

Are you as excited as I am? I just really love a good deal. I'm a mom of 3, I have to save money where I can. I got these at family dollar(*giggles* 🤗 no one would ever suspect it) Seriously though they have really cute stuff in there you need to go check it out. This isn't my first time buying foot wear from there I have actually bought the kids slip on sneakers from there before. They've had them for about 6 months and have held up pretty well for being $7.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday! Go and treat yourselves to some $6 sandals and a pedicure ladies but before you go here are a couple of shots of Melos chubby little hands photobombing my photo session

See you soon 💕 


Cristina Welch