Mini Kitchen Makeover

Okay so since you are here I'm sure you are struggling with some of the same problems I am. An apartment or home that really is not your swag. Im fortunate enough where I rent from family so I get a little bit more freedom than I would in a regular rental buuuuttt sometimes we don't see eye to eye so I need to get creative.

I've been dealing with this really ugly kitchen (and not enough counter space)for five years!!!!!! Five years people! This year I decided it is my year and I am purging any and all ugly from my life! That doesn't change the fact that I'm still poor though, so the counters and back splash were done for less than $23. Now when I say I do things cheap I mean it, we are pinching pennies like a mother $&?!*! 


I'm pretty happy with the turn out. It's obviously not like the real thing but I wanted something easy and fast being that I literally have a baby attached to me at the nipple. These photos were taken 3 months after "installing".

I ordered marble high gloss contact paper from Amazon at about 7 dollars a roll and needed 3 of those along with a pair of scissors, a ruler and credit card to smooth it out as I rolled it along. 

The best thing about this is you can just take it right off if you are living in a rental or if you're just not sure you want to spend the big bucks on marble yet. 


I spend a load of time in the kitchen and this has really helped. I plan on doing some more minor things in here that I will post later if I could just bust down a wall to make an open floor plan 🤔😏 

Hope you enjoyed!



Cristina Welch