Vegan Kid Essentials

When we decided to become Vegan it was a family decision. My husband and I had educated ourselves on what we were putting in our bodies along with the impact that had on other lives & the future of our planet. It was our choice to take a stand against everything we felt was wrong.

When it came to the kids, we educated them on what it means to eat dairy and wear leather and let them come to their own conclusions about what was right and what they wanted to do. We felt that naturally they wouldn't want their actions to cause harm to any other living being or the earth. We were right and my littles are very proud to be Vegan. I tried to make the switch as seamless as possible so that they wouldn't feel like they were missing out on anything(because really they are not!) I found ways to make their faves like Mac & Cheese, Grilled cheese, pancakes, Scrambled "eggs", cupcakes, literally everything.

I get a lot of questions about transitioning into a plant based diet, I also didn't find any quick guides for transitioning kids so here are a few of my essentials as a vegan mama raising vegan littles.


1. VegLife Kids Multivitamin

2. VegLife Peaceful Planet Toddler Supreme Formula- I use this mixed with Flax Milk because she has a nut allergy

3. Good Karma Flax Milk - this is great if you have a child with allergies or sensitivity to nuts. I drink it too

4. Almond Milk- I don't always stick to one brand but I give this to my old kids and the hubby. It's packed with calcium and protein.

5.  Love Grown Cereals- wheat & corn free, cholesterol free they are made of beans but are super tasty and the packaging is kid friendly so they have no clue it's healthy.

6. Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze- great on the go snack I usually pack them for school lunch or when we are going to be out for the day. Fruits+ Veggies + chia, no added sugars, and the kids love them. I let them pick out their flavors at the super market.

7. Plum Organics fruit and veggie pouches- I always give these to Melo after she wakes up from her nap and while we are out and about. She likes to eat by herself so it's a good way for me to know she's getting something healthy and  getting the food in her mouth not making a huge mess everywhere. 

8.  Red star Nutritional Yeast - I use this stuff on and in almost everything! It kind of has a cheesy flavor. I use it on ceggies and in my macaroni and cheese sauce .

9.  The Help yourself cookbook for kids by Ruby Roth- LOVE this book, it has tons of cute recipes. Sauces, snacks, meals and desserts as well as some vegan pantry staples. Ruby Roth also has other books that help explain veganism to children. You can check them out here.

10. Soy yogurt- there are a couple of different brands that sell vegan yogurt and some are made with almond or coconut. Coconut is probably the healthiest but I find that I like the consistency of soy yogurt much better. We usually get Stoneyfield O'soy yogurt and Silk Soy yogurt  


Ruby Roth books

Ruby Roth books

Some other kid friendly vegan choices. Daiya cheese is so bomb. 

Some other kid friendly vegan choices. Daiya cheese is so bomb.