Frozen themed Birthday Breakfast Party

Birthdays are a pretty big deal in my house. I've always said when I become a parent I want to make sure my kids always feel special, when they look back at their childhood memories it should feel like magic. This year we are trying to be extra careful with how we spend our money because our main goal is to SAVE SAVE SAVE, however  don't want the kids to lose out just because we are pinching pennies.

Cees birthday just passed and I decided to make her a Frozen inspired princess breakfast complete with pink pancakes, purple waffles and blue deviled eggs. I didn't have to spend any money on breakfast because I already had everything. The only thing i spent money on were a couple of balloons that ended up floating around my house for 2 weeks. The big Elsa balloon almost gave me a heart attack twice thinking it was a ghost when I passed the dining room at night. It also started floating around too which was just creepy.

When she woke up in the morning I dressed her right away and surprised her with the balloons and breakfast when she came down stairs to the dining room. We did a little photo op with the balloons then sat for breakfast. I think you can tell by her face that it was a success. 

WARNING: Please disregard her hair she asked me to spray it white and it was a complete FAIL lol

Cristina Welch